Sire: Mumblebone 191024

Micron: 19.2
CV %: 
Ycfw: 19.72
Ywt: 9.35
Yemd: 2.14
Yfat: 0.18
Ysl: 11.3

Tested “PP” double copy of the poll gene.

It’s more about muscle and fat than any other ram we’ve used bred or bought. This next purchase was secured from the old stomping ground from back as early as 1994 at non other than Roseville Park!!!

We stumbled across RP210770 almost by accident on Auctions Plus & were determined that he’d fit in beautifully here at Calcookara. 770 has terrific width of spine & length of staple. Make sure you check the wool shots out shortly as he is paddock run & has had a whopping 800mm of rain on him since shearing in March. Making him well worth the $10,000’s outlaid.

He has excellent wool and carcass traits as you can see.

Click here for Sheep Genetics link

Semen Available: $50/dose plus gst. Minimum 50 doses.

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