Wool Quality

Since 1994 Calcookara has put a real emphasis on their wool quality. We currently produce long stapled, low micron, soft, deep crimping wools that are free of any fleece rot or dermatitis.

Calcookara clients often top the wool market for their areas and consistently receive high prices for any breeding stock sold, putting more money back into their pockets. Calcookara has averaged 20 micron for their entire wool clip since 2003 and in 2012 the entire clip fell into the 19 micron range, then in 2016 we broke into the 18 micron range and it currently varies between 18 and 18.5 micron depending on the season.

February 2001 saw Calcookara lead the way by in shed laserscanning every fleece from their entire breeding nucleus as they were shorn to improve their breeding predictability.

Calcookara was the first stud in the state to test their entire flock in this manner. The laserscanning also proved to be a more efficient way to class the breeding ewes & cull any animal that does not fit in the micron criteria.

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