Sire: Mumblebone 191024
Dam: Roseville Park 190070

Micron: 16.2
CV %: 
Ycfw: 18
Ywt: 9.52
Yemd: 3.29
Yfat: 1.27
Ysl: 11.02

Tested “PP” double copy of the poll gene.

He shares the same sire as RP770 & like his half brother has not only width of spine but also depth of body. This bloke is nearly as complete as they come having the very rare package of low micron with plenty of genetic muscle and fat. It’s no wonder we had to pay $28,000 for him, but after analysing him & his figures over the last couple of weeks we actually think he was almost cheap!!!!

Wrap your eyeballs around those figures and tell me I’m wrong!!!

16.2micron, 1.9sd, 11.7cv, 100cf. 129%fwt.

These figures almost make him as rare as a unicorn!!!

Needless to say we can’t wait to get lambs on the ground!!!

There’s been quite a bit of interest in this ram & for very good reason. Please check him out thoroughly he’s worth it.

Click here for Sheep Genetics link

Semen Available: $50/dose plus gst. Minimum 50 doses. Available from March 2023 in SA

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