Sire: Leahcim 3202
Dam: GP769/11
DOB: June 2017
Micron: 17.9 (tested at 2 yrs of age)
CV %: 
Ycfw: 20.1
Ywt: 10.66
Yemd: -0.48
Yfat: -0.43

Tested “PP” double copy of the poll gene.

170400’s dam is GP769/11. She is a ewe we have done embryo transfer (E.T.) with. At the end of the E.T. program she was put in with L3202 in the final 10 days of our natural mating program and 170400 is the result of that.

We rate GP769/11 as possibly our best ewe with fluid nourishment to the tip and probably the deepest crimped ewe on the property and one of the whitest wools with a lustre and sheen to die for.

Even though 170400 was one of our last lambs to hit the ground in 2017 we still weaned him with the rest of the drop. He was only 22.2kg at this time and the mob he came out of averaged 33.6kg. Six months later at post weaning he had put on a staggering 42.3kg to be at 64.5kg almost catching the rest of his drop.

At 17 months of age he cut 8kg with 7.5 months wool at 110mm staple length. This equates to 14.65mm/month and 1.06kg/month.

He is a well-balanced animal of a very quiet nature with a great stance and sound feet. Well woolled down with the nourishment, whiteness, purity, sheen, lustre and deep bold crimp of his mother and would suit all environments. He has a great hindquarter and deep twist. 400 has genuine wool cutting ability on a wrinkle free body. Personally, we see 170400 as the next step type of animal with a great pedigree on both sides and his first drop of lambs look extremely exciting.

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