Sire: Gunallo 336
Dam: L858/168
DOB: June 2017
Micron: 17.2
CV %: 
Ycfw: 14.3
Yemd: -0.1
Yfat: -0.2

170060’s dam is L858/168. He was retained for the following traits. He has a very waxy white well nourished wool to suit any environment. He has a lot of genuine cutting ability on an uncomplicated body. 60 is a very deep bodied ram with a good spring of rib. He is a genuine fine woolled ram with a bold crimping medium wool. He has a very pure muzzle and good clean poll.

At 17 months of age he cut 9.1kg with 7.5 months wool at 100mm staple length. This equates to 13.3mm/month and 1.2kg/month.

Semen Available: $35/dose plus gst. Minimum 50 doses.

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